Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

"No Peace Without Justice"

Support the initiative of establishing an International Criminal Court for the DRC

The civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is considered one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind. This war is characterized by systematic massacres of civilians, war crimes and other crimes against humanity whose record stands at over six million people since 1996.

Unfortunately, no one responsible for these crimes has been prosecuted by the national courts. Most perpetrators of these crimes who also are part of the current ruling class of the DRC have committed these crimes knowing they would probably not be brought to justice and would not have to respond to their crimes.

There will never be peace without justice in DRC. A national justice which ordered a fair compensation to the offended and thus the dignity of the victim would have probably avoided the cycle of violence that continues to this day. The violation of human rights in DRC and the impunity of white collar criminals have undermined the credibility of the Congolese judicial system and among the victims, developed a sense of resentment and may eventually lead to another civil war due to a lack of trust in the national judicial system.

This risk may be mitigated or even avoided by establishing a healthy civil foundation similar to the one established in the former Yugoslavia where the International Criminal Court was established to prosecute the officials and soldiers responsible for abuses during the conflict among the Serbs , Bosnians and Croatians. The fact that those responsible must be judged and blamed for the crimes they are responsible for is a necessary prerequisite to establishing a lasting peace.

The International Criminal Court for the DRC is a major expectation of the Congolese people by the international community instead of the metamorphosis of the United Nations Mission in the DRC (MONUC) to the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO), which has largely proved ineffective to protect the Congolese people.

The International Studies Bureau for Peace and Development (ISBPD) added its voice to those of many other national and international calls for the creation of an International Criminal Court for the DRC in initiating this petition for a Canada's support for the establishment of an International Criminal Court for the DRC.

Take action to stop the massacre of the Congolese people, countermeasures are required to deter war criminals in DRC.




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