Bill recognizing the Congolese genocide from 1996 to 2003 and the establishment of a memorial day of the genocide

that the Congolese genocide is a specific event in history: the systematic massacres of the Congolese population has been deliberately hatched and raised by Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi and their allies to occupy the territories of the eastern DRC for the sole purpose of plundering its riches, and has resulted in the death of six million Congolese between 1996 and 2010;

Bearing in mind:
that the Congolese people have been victims of genocide, including systematic massacres, targeted assassinations, including the systematic persecution and annihilation from the regular armies, national police forces, militias and armed groups sponsored by neighboring countries, including Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi, and most of the victims were targeted because they belong to certain tributes hostile to foreign occupation, their political beliefs and their strategic geographical location;

that thousands of others were victims of this policy of extermination as a result of deliberate exposure to hunger and lack of basic health care due to an intentional destruction of production facilities and basic health facilities;

that this terrible destruction and the terrible suffering caused by the Congolese genocide must never be forgotten.

The International Studies Bureau for Peace and Development (ISBPD) deems it appropriate to protect the Congolese people and to act to prevent those who foster or commit crimes such spans recognizing the genocide of the Congolese 1996 - 2010 and a day to commemorate victims of genocide.

Memorial Day will be the remembrance of the victims of the genocide of Congolese from 1996 to 2010, and an opportunity to raise awareness against such actions. This day will also serve as a framework for reflection and reconciliation among the Congolese while leaning on other instances of systematic destruction of peoples on issues of human rights and the multicultural reality of Congolese society and the promotion of fundamental freedoms of a democratic society.

For this reason:

The ISBPD with the consent of all Congolese proposed that the date of 17 May, the anniversary date that the criminal Force called Alliance des Forces Démocratiques pour la Liberation (AFDL) came in power in the DRC is recognized as the Congolese genocide memorial day.



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