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Dear Sir or Madam,
In this and last centuries, millions of children, women and men have been victims of atrocities that defy the imagination and deeply shock the human conscience. The crimes of such gravity threaten peace, security and development of affected regions.

If nothing is done to stop and prevent these evils, with the current global economic crisis the entire population and whole cultures will disappear under a complicit silence of the international community.

The management of armed conflicts is not the exclusive domain of governments or government agencies but the conflict management can also be performed effectively by non-governmental organizations.

Thus, to enhance the efforts and commitments of the international community to peace and development, a nongovernmental, independent and multinational corporation called the International Studies Bureau for Peace and Development («ISBPD») has been created in Ottawa, Canada's national capital.

The ISBPD is a politic body recognized under the Canada Corporations Act and registered under number: 454940-6, whose mandate is to contribute to peace efforts and development of our planet.

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Alidor K. Dumbi






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