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Conference-debate entitled: The state of democracy and development in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Montreal, July 24 2010.


Conference on the state of democracy and development in the Congo (DRC):
Ottawa, July 24, 2010 - The International Studies Bureau for Peace and Development (ISBPD) held this Saturday, July 24, 2010 at the Marriott Chateau Champlain hotel in Montreal, a conference with the Honorable Gilbert KIAKWAMA , national deputy, and Dr. Oscar KASHALA, candidate for the 2006 presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The title of the conference was "The state of democracy and development in the Democratic Republic of Congo" and it was moderated by a Congolese journalist and broadcaster Mr. Kayumbi Beia Theo-Boniface, under the honorary chairmanship of Mr. Simon Potter, partner in McCarthy Tétrault a litigation Group in Montreal.

Mr. Potter said he was «very honored» by the invitation and asked the Congolese to «count on him to work alongside them as a friend to defend their interests in Canada

Each of the two keynote speakers took the opportunity to invite participants to find quick solutions to the advent of an era of dramatic and real change that will allow the recovery and prosperity in the DRC.

The Honourable Gilbert KIAKWAMA urged the Congolese diaspora in Canada, more than anywhere else in the world, «to become bearers and defenders of the Congolese public opinion abroad, to provide expertise for the benefit of Congo and to become entrepreneurs in the Congo.» Following Regarding the presidential election of 2011, the Honourable KIAKWAMA simply said: «Nobody will win without coalision
Dr. Oscar Kashala for his part urged the Congolese elite at home and abroad to constantly engage in patriotic duty of the «ethical dilemma», ie: Make the choice of values and options that contribute to building the Nation and well-being of our citizens.

In his speech during the banquet, Professor Justin Kankwenda Mbaya, a prominent economist from the Congo asked the Congolese diaspora in Canada to meet its responsibilities towards their fellow citizens living in their home countries.

At the end of the evening, the president of ISBPD, Mr. Alidor K. Dumbi said he was «very satisfied with the event» and thanked the speakers, participants and sponsors who have contributed to the success of this first activity of ISBPD.

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